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There’s so much happening at Sonos House and we don’t want you to miss a thing, so check back daily for the latest highlights. 

WE — 11 July

Wednesday 11 July

Turning a house into a home

Sonos House has been turned into a home of ‘beautiful disorder’ by Hans and Ursula van Schoonhoven who have been enticing us with the charm of Dutch design since they opened House of Orange in 2007. And because we Aussies like to live life to the full, we embraced their contemporary cool yet inherently practical aesthetic immediately.

Since then House of Orange has combined its own extensive range of hand-crafted and thoughtfully designed furniture with the lifestyle interiors of HK Living Amsterdam, a Dutch brand (that’s gone global) dedicated to creating a look that’s modern and eclectic, full of personality and creative flair.

“Sonos is a big part of our lives; we listen to music out loud all day every day both at home and in our stores, so to be invited to bring our aesthetic to Sonos House was such a treat,” says Ursula. “Sonos House is in a big landmark building but we wanted it to make it feel accessible, like a real home, somewhere you could relax and grab a coffee or take the time to read the paper and enjoy some cool music at the same time.”

Wednesday 11 July

Listening to music in the dark with DMA'S.

FR — 13 July

Friday 13 July

Where are all the women?

We opened the doors to Sonos House with a day focused on women in music and there was nothing tokenistic about it. Our first ever Listen Better Round table focused on underrepresentation, gender bias and diversity in the industry. Our panellists were a diverse group of activists, film-makers, music producers and academics - each with their own opinions but a shared goal: instigating change and driving equality for women in an industry dominated by men.

For a fly-on-the-wall experience, nothing sums up the vibe and the conversation better than these two editorials:

‘How Sonos addressed ‘Women In Music’ in two entirely separate ways’ by Brynn Davies, The Music Network.  

‘Women Challenge ‘dude-fest’ music culture’  by Theresa Miller, The New Daily.

SA — 14 July

Saturday 14 July

The Feel Good Factor: The stories behind the songs that make us soar

When three boss ladies emerging on to the Australian music scene take to the stage and talk about their Battlehymns – their go-to songs when they need inspiration and motivation – then you can bet your bottom dollar the vibe in the room is going to be electric.

To celebrate the launch of Sonos House - and the opening of the Battlehymn photographic exhibition by SheIsAphrodite - Sydney DJ, producer and vocalist, KLP brought together songstresses Odette, Wafia and Thandi Phoenix for an emotional and evocative discussion about the tunes that get their spirits soaring.

And they weren’t alone. The conversation took place surrounded by fiercely beautiful portraits of other up and coming female musicians, each accompanied by its own Battlehymn.

These ‘Battlehymns’ are more than just tunes – they are the glue that sticks memories, friendships and relationships together and catalyst for moments of catharsis. They are our Song Stories.

For an exclusive look at the launch watch this video and download the playlist from Spotify here.

And check out this interview with SheIsAphrodite - aka Michelle Pitiris - and Lost at E Minor for the back-story on how the Battlehymn exhibition came to be.

TU — 17 July

Tuesday 17 July

Finding beauty in the beast

Anxiety is one of those things many of us suffer in silence, weighed down by feelings of being all alone. 

On a Saturday morning in Woollahra, around 50 people gathered over breakfast at Sonos House to hear Sarah Wilson and Clare Bowditch in conversation about anxiety and creativity and how the two can be co-joined as a positive force rather than drag you into a destructive vortex. When Clare asked whether anyone in the audience had NOT experienced some form of anxiety, not one person raised their hand. Not one. So, it seems we’re not alone after all. 

Together, Sarah Wilson and Clare Bowditch are a force to be reckoned with. Wilson is founder of I Quit Sugar and author of NY Times best seller, First, We Make the Beast Beautiful, while Bowditch is a broadcaster, actor, singer and songwriter. Each can talk extensively about their first-hand battles with anxiety and depression and are using their personal experiences to help others recognise the signs of anxiety and find ways alchemise negative emotions into creative productivity.  

They filled the room with laughter and tears as they shared intimate stories of vulnerability and advice from the heart. It was raw, it was honest, and most of all it was uplifting to see two bold women share their stories of struggles experienced on their journey to the top. 

Watch the video here.

TH — 12 July

Thursday 12 July

Mind games: the highs and lows of the path to musical stardom

Music breeds emotion, and emotion breeds music. It’s little wonder musicians are able to achieve hallowed cultural status when their songs are often inspired by their everyday experiences from the highs of triumphs to the lows of rejection. Really, it’s no wonder their art has such a profound effect on mood. 

Life as a musician is a rollercoaster and with moderate to severe anxiety rates ten times higher than the general population, it’s clear that a career in music isn’t always what it’s cracked up to be.

This ever present anxiety and its influence on the creation of music and on the lives of musicians was the subject of a round table discussion featuring Clive Miller of Support Act, Bill Cullen of One Louder Entertainment and musicians L-FRESH the LION and Julia Wylie. Stories of the highs and lows of life as a muso were shared and strategies for overcoming the obstacles to a balanced, healthy life were explored. At times it was raw and uncomfortable but one clear message surfaced; creating music is the life force within – it makes the life of the musician and the lives of those who listen to their craft so much richer, it’s worth choosing the difficult path even if it means facing down the demons from time to time.   

From helplines to mindfulness hacks, take a peek at The New Daily’s play-by-play of our second Listen Better Conversation at Sonos House.